In 2006, students at Carver Elementary School in San Diego were divided into separate classes by sex in order to comply with Islamic tradition. Non-Muslim students stand by as Muslim students are given a special fifteen minute break to engage in prayer.

Seventh graders at the Excelsior Middle School in Byron, California, are given two weeks of instruction”Islamic culture” which entails dressing the kids in Islamic garb and teaching them Islamic prayers. They are even assigned Islamic names

In Nyssa, Ore., students are taught how to say Muslim prayers, the Five Pillars of Islamic Faith, and key scriptures from the Koran. Teachers ask students to dress like Muslims, play-act Islamic skits, and build Muslim props. All this is mandated by the state of Oregon according to School Superintendent Don Grotting.

At George Mason University in Fairfax, Va., Muslim students are given a “prayer” room when no such room is available to Christians or Jews.

At Irmo High School in Columbia, S.C., students are required to create a pamphlet which would teach people about Islam, discuss the Five Pillars of Islam, listen to a guest speaker who told them all religions are based on Islam, and that the U.S. is a “Judeo-Christian-Muslim” nation according to the beliefs of the Founding Fathers.

At least seventeen universities have had foot baths installed to accommodate Muslims, including Boston U., G. Washington U., Harvard and Temple. Harvard, which has received multi-millions of donated dollars from Saudi Arabian sources, now locks the swimming pool doors to men at certain days and times of the week, to allow Muslim women their swim time alone, in accordance with Muslim doctrines.

Where are the Catholics? The Jews? The Protestants? Atheists? Where is the ACLU? The mothers and fathers of mainstream America?


Does anyone care to see what is happening? Inch, by inch, stealth jihad is under way while America remains asleep.

I wrote about it in my book three years ago. I said it was only a matter of time, that the spread of Islam would reach thousands of other schools throughout America, via political correctness, foolish tolerance, a misinterpretation of diversity and submission to sheer intimidation. We should fear what our school system will look like in another twenty years.

Can you imagine the outrage that would pour from atheist groups and the ACLU if elementary and middle school kids, attending public schools, were required to learn Jewish prayers, speak in Hebrew, read from the Christian bible, practice the holy communion or make the sign of the cross? They would be shouting from the rooftops. It would be BIG news. But, alas, not if the purveyors are from the Islam side of politics. They get an exemption. We hear nothing from ABC, NBC, CBS or any of the cable news networks, despite protests from parents in those schools.

While we (Americans, politicians and the media) concern ourselves exclusively to the issue of “fanatics” and “terrorists,” the stealth jihadists are carefully and deliberately inching forward with their long range objectives of gradual infiltration which will ultimately see an Islamic flag flying over the United States capitol building before the end of this century. And part of that strategy, is to reach out to impressionable children and begin swaying their minds.

If Americans don’t start educating themselves and open their eyes to reality, the enemy will have their way.

Why are they the “enemy.” Because Islam…espeically in its radical/fundamentalist form, is not just a religion. It is a form of government with their exclusive set of laws called “Shariah.” Shariah law and our constitution are not compatible. I could write volumes of text about this issue, because I endeavored to educate myself. May some of you should also, for the sake of your grandchildren.

Shariah law? Beheadings. Amputations. Stonings. Death for adultresses. Death to Homosexuals. Recently, a Muslim gathering in Washington was filmed. Listen to this “moderate” American Muslim:

Click here: YouTube – Muslim Day “Homosexuals Must Be Killed” Muslims speak out

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Oh, that’s right. I’m just another right wing fanatical intolerant fear monger who doesn’t understand that Islam is just another peaceful religion.

Here’s another example of indoctrination of innocent kids in school:

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