Where was NBC, ABC or CBS. How about USA Today? Funny this didn’t make news.

When I first saw this, I could feel my heart stop and the blood drain from my head. Then an empty feeling in the gut.

Before going any further, please open this link to an article and photograph from Portland based It’s not very long. It’s quite telling.


Some Obama lovers will say “so what’s the big deal, he’s showing diversity.”

I say: This man is not my president.

Wake up folks. You’re sleeping through the revolution.

I … as all of us…have had serious issues with prior presidents, G.W. Bush included. Our choices, to be sure, have not been made of greatness. Jimmy Carter was an incompetent president, but I never thought of him as UnAmerican. Almost every election since Goldwater/Johnson, I think I’ve voted against a candidate, not for a candidate. Like millions of others, I’ve often registered vehement opposition to policies of them all. But I’ve never questioned a president’s loyalty to country. Never. Until now.

This is a whole different ball game. Forget about policies. That’s for political gobligook. Who is this guy, really? What is his true long range agenda?

This is not about democrat/republican partisanship. Health care and other issues are part of the smokescreen, because there is a greater objective going on behind the scenes, one that is not transparent.

I don’t just dislike Mr. Obama. I fear him, and the stealth machine that backs him. I fear that machine, because every signal tells me that it’s anti-American. Every signal tells me, it’s all about breaking down the national infrastructure and building greater power over the people, rather than power to the people…which is supposed to be the premise of our republic.

In my seventy years, I’ve never seen one president garner so much disdain from mainstream Americans. I’ve never seen so much mistrust. Many say the Mr. G.W. Bush earned mistrust, and some of that might be true. But while his policies and decisions may be questionable, most of that cynicism translated to greedy politics and corporate favors. No one ever thought of him as anti-American, un-American or even, non-American.

Much was written about Obama’s sordid associations with unsavory characters on his past, which his supporters excused. Much was written about his connection to the Muslim world, and the influence it has upon him as an adult, which his supporters ignored. Much was written about the mysterious lack of candor about his birth records, his college records, his travel passports, and his legal status to serve in the Oval Office, which his supporters defend. Meanwhile, I challenge those supporters to name one other president where these kinds of questions ever came into being.

I wish I could say that the Muslim world wholly consists of peaceful people, except for a few radicals, that these “radicals” hijacked this peaceful religion. In truth, those radicals are not few at all. Radicals, translated as “Jihadists” number into the multi-millions, perhaps 200 million, with operating cells in over seventy countries, including the United States. They have one long range goal: To overturn the constitution and create an Islamic caliphate in which the flag of Islam will fly over the White House and the Capitol building will become the largest mosque in the world by the end of this century.

The powerful Muslim Brotherhood organization (Google it) is duty-bound to Allah to see this happen and by their own pen, devised a plan many years back which includes the infiltration of America using deceit as a tool to gain political access to power.

And now…this.

Terrorism is another tool, one that garners fear and intimidation. No matter where you look in the world, Russia, London, Madrid, Bali, India, Africa, and New York, the common denominator for the thousands of terror acts is one word: Islam.

These folks mean business, folks. In the meantime, our media is asleep at the wheel, afraid to offend or expose the truth about Islamic infiltration.

Again, I reflect back on that slip-of-the-tongue, when interviewed by George Stephanopoulos as recorded in this short video:

Click here: YouTube – Obama: “My Muslim Faith”

For those who excuse this, please tell me of one non-Muslim person, including yourselves, who have ever made that slip of the tongue. You? Me? Your mother or father?

Then, there is the now-famous “bow” to the most powerful Islamic leader in the world, the king of Saudi Arabia…who holds the purse strings to international Jihad.

Click here: American Thinker Blog: Obama bows

This is our American president.

Then I think about some of his speeches, apologizing to the Muslim world on behalf of the United States. Apologize for what? The 1993 World Trade Center Bombing. The 9/11 attack of 2001 which killed almost 3,000? The bombing of Marine barracks in Lebanon. The bombing of American embassies in Africa? The killing of thirteen Americans inside the secure boundary of their own military base? The 270 killed — from 21 countries — in a bombed Pan Am flight at Lockerbie. The list is infinite…murders of multi-thousands in the name of Islam. Anyone can Google it.

The Muslim Brotherhood has declared war, in writing, and by their actions, with the United States. The president knows this. But he still has the chutzpah to stand before the world and expect us to believe we are not at war with Islam. He declared that we will never be at war with Islam, during a June speech in Turkey.

Who is he president of? The United States? The world? The world of Islam?

I don’t know.

Now comes the trial of Islamic terrorists. With relative ease and safety, the trial could be held by a military tribunal. But Mr. Obama, and his AG acolyte, has made the conscious choice to change the jurisdiction to a civilian venue, and hold trial in a court where their confessions will be thrown out, their actions will be lauded by extremists throughout the world, security is at a major risk unnecessarily and the chances for a hung jury maximized. The terrorists couldnt be happier.

What amazes me, is that a third grader could connect all these dots. It’s that obvious.  Yet, the blind love affair goes on…with great peril.

This is our president? Of the United States? I don’t think so.

Jefferson, Roosevelt and Reagan would roll over in their graves.

Beware, the enemy within.


Click here: YouTube – OBAMA the Muslim – HIS OWN WORDS